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I think once these guys cross the line from feats of skill to tempting death, it's kind of cheating anyway. In some ways it's easier to demonstrate how stupid you can be, rather than your skill in a reasonably controlled situation. This guys disregard for not only himself but other innocent bystanders he may affect (emotionally or physically) is shameful.
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Lisa asked me to provide my detail on my suggestion. For example, in Sharp Dressed Man, the red outline of the body in pen seems in stark contrast to the crayon in-fill work. Same for Every Little Thing.... Fairly fine detail with the bunny, in contrast to the hat. They just seem like they could be from two different hands. But I have no proof otherwise and don't mean to take away from anyone's joy. Just an observation...
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Those symbols are still used by current cultures not "long past". In japan it is called "manji" and used to denote Buddhist temples on a map, and they have different meanings depending on direction and use in landscapes and architecture.

(oops, meant this as a reply to @sandyra)
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I'm not questioning the sentiment of Remy's post. However, I think an alternative explanation to the dogs behavior is he is trying to bury the fish with whatever loose 'material' he can find nearby, but in this case it is only pools of water. I see my dog do this with bones, treats, dead rodents that she wants to 'save' for later.
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Impressive. But to be somewhat picky, there are some styles here that have fairly strict vocal technique requirements (e.g. the Indian trad and Opera) that she's not really doing - she's imitating the sound but not the proper vocal technique. It's OK for short bursts but one can't carry those styles long term (and to a high degree of proficiency) using more modern/pop vocalizations.
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There's various things we do to dogs/pets that they don't consent to, but they just have to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Tattooing a dog, IMHO, i similar to piercing ears for a baby or toddler. It causes some physical harm, carries with it some risk of permanent injury (infection etc), and only suits vanity. Same goes for cropping of ears and docking of tails. The easiest test for these sorts of answers is to consider the net welfare of the animal.
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It's an ear-horn for elder GI Joe's returning from their last tour against the Cobras. Made infamous by the little known by very svelte Grampy Joe.

Kodama Sake XL
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