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Angry Seafood is the home for original humor. From tongue-in-cheek reviews of pop culture like 'Dark Knight' and 'Tin Man' to exclusive interviews with other humor bloggers to the original twisted comic strip 'Licking Windows', there is something for anyone who likes humor.

Angry Seafood also doesn't do lolcat pics or soy. Sorry.
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As a person who grew up on the North Shore, I second the 'wicked pissa' comment. hehe.

There are so many New England accents like someone above mentioning RI ones.

"Jeet yet?" Providence RI-speak for "did you eat yet?" They also have some New York influence in their dialect. (Went to college in Prov)

Or the redneck ones in Maine and NH which oddly also show up a little bit in the Kennedy accent.
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Boston just did the same thing last week. There's these giant 12-ft tall map pins at some of the tourist traps. The mayor called them 'mappens' cause he can't speak hehe
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It is interesting to watch the growth early on. It shows how they build a foundation to expand on. They grew a lot like the old A&P supermarkets did. I wonder if old Sam copied them?
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They made the point on the post that the pics were a week old and one of them is actually five years old. Sure the post was funny and the age of the photos really doesn't matter. They didn't have to lie about the facts to make it funnier though. That's all I'm saying.
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Last week? I have a close-up pic of the same lady wearing the same hat on my hard drive and it was saved five years ago.

Here is the proof:
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"The photo to the left is of a poster found throughout New England in 1992"

I'm not making this up-there is still one of those signs on a telephone pole in southern NH. It's in a shopping center in Plaistow. I saw it a few months ago.
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I'm calling shenanigans on this picture. I don't think it is real. The ape just doesn't look right compared to the rest of the photo, and I mean the look not the actions of the animal.
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