Why it's wicked cool to park your car at Harvard.

The rich variety of accents we use here in New England has always fascinated me. Neither of my folks were from Massachusetts, so I grew up speaking with a far more generic sounding accent than I would have otherwise, however there's enough Yankee-speak in me that most people from elsewhere can peg me as a Bostonian in moments. Eventually, in college at UC Berkeley I had my Boston accent almost entirely teased out of me. Children can be so cruel. Sniff sniff.
This week our friends at Bostion's WBUR's "Radio Boston" broadcast a superb episode about the whys and wherefores of the great varieties of accents in Eastern Massachusetts.

[Bonus #1: Name the park in which the photo at the top of this post was taken.]
[Bonus #2: Name the architect who designed the blue-glass building at the center of the photograph.]

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Oh, fun, it's my geographical trek in reverse. I just moved out to Boston from Berkeley, and I'm worried that in a year or so I'll start talking like I grew up a block over from Havahd Yahd. I guess I'm just going to have to learn how to embrace Beantown and its wicked local flavor.
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Forgot to mention: I'm from Texas. :) But I don't have much of an accent compared to other natives, unless I'm around friends from the northeast, then my "drawl" stands out.
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People who aren't from the South US seem to have trouble discerning between different Southern accents (a Texan does not sound like a Georgian, who doesn't sound like a South Carolinian). But I'll admit that I have trouble distinguishing northeastern accents one from another.
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