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No caption to add - just wanted to say that all suggestions so far are basically crap. And as for you saddos who couldn't resist resorting to 'my that's a big one' type "humor"... GET A GRIP.


The best by far is "even days after the blast, they were still finding pieces of the incredible hulk.", and that's still crap. "Mommy!!! A dinosaur pooed in the garden!" is almost funny, though. Keep on trying!

Oh yeah. OK. They're cute.
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It all depends on where your hope is resting...

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope"
[Romans 15:13]
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"illimey sounds like one of our right-wing wacko Christinas here in the States"

Heh. Yeah. If by being someone who thinks the life of a baby is worth fighting for, and someone who thinks abortion is America's holocaust, then you're right! I must be one of those 'right-wing wacko Christinas'. Not quite sure what that is, but I've been called worse.

Quality of life is not ours to judge. Many people in this world who are as physically healthy as it's possible to be lead miserable lives. Many people who face the most heartbreaking physical challenges still manage to embrace life and live with joy. If ANYONE thinks they have the right to make that decision for another human - they are quite simply, plainly, absolutely WRONG.

This country of despicable 'what I want, how I want it, when I want it, and damn the rest of you' capitalistic liberalism where the majority of the population blindly accepts lies as truth [or more accurately is too wrapped up in self to even CARE about the truth] needs to stop. Stop, take a step back, look around, seek the meaning behind life, seek answers to the important questions in life, and start caring for each other again.

There IS truth, and it IS absolute. Nothing else is logical. And part of that truth is that ALL human life is precious, and ALL human life is worth fighting for.
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Absolutely sickening.

No, not the photograph of that precious human life, a gift that the parents have an absolute right to do anything [short of taking another precious human life] they can to save...

What IS sickening are the horrific, liberalism gone insane, comments from the previous posters.

You have made me feel physically ill.
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@ Hollywood:

Absolutely irrelevant statement. His pension [if indeed he gets one] would be the same if he had NO children.

BTW, I am ALL FOR ADOPTION! My wife and I are starting the process to become licensed to adopt, and plan to do so from the domestic foster system. That doesn't mean I can't also see the tremendous joy and blessing that having a large family of biological children can [and should] bring. It simply doesn't happen this way for some couples, and they are the ones who can help society by adopting. If every family was like the Duggars, there would be NO UNWANTED/ABUSED/WAITING children anyway [apart from those orphaned through the death of loving parents].

Society is sick, Christ is the answer, and the Duggar family is healthy!

Boy am I in for it now....

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There ARE those people still walking the earth who firmly believe that children are a gift from God, and that God blesses abundantly. FYI, the Duggar family is fully self sufficient [no recourse to public funds.] I for one think they provide a wonderful example to the world - it IS possible to be happy, live a fulfilled life, AND care for LOTS of children. Our society is sick, the Duggar family is healthy.
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Funny, but just consider what a map of Japan drawn by the average American would look like? A lot less accurate, and nowhere near as funny. Who's laughing at who here?
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