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I remember my dad used to have one of these out in his workshop.

First fill the metal globe with methylated spirits or alcohol. Then repeatedly press the plunger on the left to build pressure in the globe.

Warm the metal support on the right by holding it between your hands for a few minutes.

Slowly release the round valve on the top and ignite the jet of gas that is released.

Gently rest your penis and scrotum on the genital support ensuring that all clothing is kept well away from the apparatus.

Use the round valve to create short bursts of flame directed towards your genital/pubic area.*

The flames will kill any crabs (pubic lice) and they will fall into the oval trough beneath along with any singed hair.

Any fear induced urination will be collected by the round dish on top.

*It may be prudent to practice your flame bursts before introducing your member to the appliance.
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I remember seeing these on tv (Blue Peter?). I think they were meant to be used in Africa. I a;ways thought they were a great idea and a shame they never caught on. I mentioned them a few weeks ago when discussing this tourist attraction in NZ-
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