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I'm out on the Olympic Peninsula (where this was taken) 6-8 times a year, so let me clear up a few of the questions in the comments:

I've seen plenty of CC's right up against the road to convince me that this isn't about wind screens or anything like that. Moreover, in the areas where logging is being done, snow drifts aren't an issue.

In terms of being afraid of downing a tree across a "major road," there aren't really any major roads out there that see a car more than once every 5 minutes. Second, loggers are exceptionally good at making trees fall the direction they want. As for the smaller roads, those look like logging roads to me.

The answer to this one is either it's pure PR (which is possible considering the companies that are doing most of the logging out there: Weyerhauser and Green Crow, the former of which practically invented greenwashing), or the simple fact that the state or county owns the right of way immediately adjacent to the road. So much of the peninsula is clearcut at this point that seeing one more wouldn't really shock anyone.
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Oh man, these things are great. Here's another picture of the dragon, to give you a sense of how freaking big it is:

And here's detail of the Spoon Eagle:

Also, there are dinosaurs at the park. It's a wacky place.
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