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Russia wasn't known for its oil until they searched for it using the abiotic thesis. Now they are a top producer.

Lets face it, hydrocarbons are common in the solar system and in space (Titan, anyone?), and earth is no exception. The biotic theory is really quite rediculous the more you look into it.

There is a lot of oil on this planet...but will it be easy to get? That's a good question. Its a dirty fuel anyway and probably best to move past it, at least for transportation fuel purposes.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) this site flooded with creationists or something?

SMH at not getting the concept of a legless is a lot more to being a snake than just a reptile with no legs. idiots.

lol, this comment was spot on:

"I wonder if this many people would be shouting “IT’S A FISH” if a new whale was found.

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"Historically Judaism predates Christianity, and it was Jews who committed those acts, not Christians.
...Of course there are people who have cloaked themselves in Christianity to justify their own atrocious acts since, just as those have used other ideologies like Marxism to accomplish evil."

Well according to the bible, christianity is the same religion as OT judaism, and the OT god is the same god as the NT god.

And yes, "people have cloaked themselves" in christianity to do evil...people like...oh...i don't know....CHURCHES OF MOST MAJOR DENOMINATIONS.
The papacy is ruined in the blood of inquisitions and witch hunts and Nazism.
The guy who started Protestantism Martin Luther, was a raving mad anti-SSemite who called for all Jews to be burned alive and chased from villages.
Which grand history of christianity do you claim? So hard to pick one!
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"The husband divorced his wife to actively scam the system. "


You arrogant fool!

I wonder if you were in a similar situation, how fast you would leap from that high horse you are sitting on.

This is clearly an extremely extenuating circumstance. If you were a multi-billion dollar corporation, would you sue this family if you could? I know I sure wouldn't. Its not like if they let this slide, a multitude of people just like this family will emerge and bankrupt Wal-Mart.

And wow, haven't read the comments at Neatorama in a while. Used to be a pretty progressive attitude here. Now its like reading a Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter blog...people suggesting its good our society is based on greed, that separation of church and state is immoral...amazing.

Whats funny is that most of the people typing those sendiments are just another cog in the pseudo-fascist corporate regime of america, the unwitting useful idiots who consistently vote against their own interests like a good GOYIM.
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Who says life improved for Iraqis after the overthrow of saddam?

Are you out of your mind!!!!!?????

It is a fact that even the neo-fascist Bush regime accepts that living conditions in Iraq have deteriorated since the fall of Saddam. From electricity and gas availability, to rampant extremist gamgs, the war in Iraq has been a veritable disaster for everyone involved, ESPECIALLY the Iraqi people.

Most Iraqis say life was better under Saddam.

If democracy is forced on people, it will not work. It has to come from within. The US doesn't care though. We just want "free trade" and "government contracts" for our multinational corporate cabal to milk from every country we invade and the US taxpayers.
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I'm a white guy who finds this blog hilarious.

Similar ethnic jokes are made about other races and ethnicities all the time in good humor, if you watch any stand up comedy.

If its in good humor and not malicious, then its all fair game. It's more of a culture commentary than a "racial" one.

Lighten up people.
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@ Dave:

My love for children inspires my liberalism.

I don't want them to have to grow up in a country run by narrowminded, backwards, bible thumping, nativist rural rednecks. (social conservatives)

Or a country run by day-trading, trickle-down crapononomic professing, Larry Kudlow loving lobbyists for multinational corporations. (economic conservatives)

Or a country run by empire building, unilateral action taking, no-bid contract giving (with kickbacks), diplomacy-shunning, cowboy commander in chiefs. (neo-cons)

My worst nightmare of all is a country ran by an evil coalition of all three. Repiglicans. So, that explains my "lee-buurr-awl-ism".
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