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Have you seen the Hands Only CPR video by the British Heart Foundation, with Vinnie Jones? It's so good; amusing and informative.
This link is the shorter version but there's a longer one on youtube too
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Here in Scotland we have Milngavie, pronounced Mulguy, and Culzean, pronounced Cullain, so both those are often misspelled or mispronounced, as is my town of Strathaven, pronounced Strayven, but then, non-UK people struggle even with Edinburgh, pronounced Edinburrah (with the stress only on the Ed), and often say Edinburg
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50 or 55??? Is that a senior citizen in USA? It's 65 and over here in UK. Sheesh, according to him, I'm a senior citizen.
Most senior citizens are on a low income (not all have good pensions, many were too low paid for that, and not all own their houses, many pay rent, so don't benefit from being mortgage free) and have to pay for home fuel bills all day, as they aren't at work and saving on home heating costs because of that, so their fuel bills can be much higher than people of working age. Many can do with all the help they can get. I'm neither for nor against senior citizen discounts but they aren't necessarily unjustified.
Calling people of 50 to 55 senior citizens is!
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Alex Bellows does that and many other similarly intriguing things. Something to do with Vedic maths... You can see that and several others at http://zomobo.net/alexbellos
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It makes the person look lazy and possibly sloppy but, if they are not transparent and the fly is closed, one should be able to wear what one wants. It's not for me but who am I or anyone else to say what others should wear, as long as they are dressed in something when in public?
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Check out Andy Goldsworthy, from UK. He's been doing that since the 70s at least. I've loved his stuff for years.


If that link doesn't work, just do a Google Image search (or search engine of your choice, I presume) for Andy Goldsworthy
Also information about him on Wikipedia.
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Yay. You wrote, 'whet the appetite'. I get so peeved when I see almost everyone else write or say, 'wet the appetite', apparently thinking it makes one drool, rather than sharpening (whetting) the appetite. 'Off my own back', instead of, 'off my own bat', drives me nuts too.
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This horse is from the play, Warhorse.
I went to see Warhorse in London. It was absolutely amazing. Within moments you stop noticing the puppet handlers and the horses become real to you, though you are still overwhelmed by how cleverly it is done. It is a mix of human and these amazing horses, including a foal. The story is very good; sad but engaging and occasionally funny, the horses are astounding, the sets minimal but very effective and clever. It is one of the very few plays I'd love to see again. Hard to get tickets. though, as it is popular because it is so good and tickets are expensive.
I've seen many, many plays and this is one of the very best I've seen.
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By that token, it is also discrimination to deny a pedophile a job with children? Does the mayor also advocate allowing that? The pedophile too will have served his time; does one then have to overlook his criminal past?
If it is considered right to allow a pedophile's record to sway an employer's decision against giving him a job, then why is it not ok with other crimes? The fear is that the pedophile may repeat his crimes, may one not also fear that a thief or someone who committed a violent crime might not also repeat theirs?
Serving time means they have paid by being incarcerated, fined or just given a criminal record and maybe some public service or such, and, although they may now have their freedom back/be less financially well off/done with the given tasks, the criminal record stands forever and for good reason; it is not erased so that it is there to be taken into account by those to whom it matters, such as employers
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Now wondering if I should remove my Dolly Parton/Drag Queen one. I don't intend it to be a dig at either and I doubt Parton minds DQs dressing up as her and I kinda like the outrageous over-the-topness of both, but not sure if it would be taken the wrong way.
I'd appreciate opinions about that, so I can decide if I should remove that one. My Elmo and OMG/Nyan cat seem inoffensive, I just wonder about the Dolly Parton one.
I love the Scream one that someone did.
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