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I do not see what the organization did as a bad thing. If this is what it took to keep these people safe then how was it wrong? What is wrong for logging companies and governments in the region to attack the lands where these people live. MONEY is the only political motivation we need to be angry about.
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I am an American, one who can trace my ancestors to the original 13 colonies and first peoples of the Americans, and I proudly read al-Jazeera EVERY DAY!

As a regular reader of al-Jazeera online the station is one of the sources I go to find out what is going on in the world. The journalism is impeccable, in many ways, like the BBC far superior to the mush the US Media spews. If any stations are biased, prejudice, and ant-"insert country" just turn on your American news stations for half-truths and blatant omissions.

Most people who criticize al-Jazeera have NEVER read or seen the news service. How can you criticize something you have never watched or read?
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The only way people can say that the comment was "overblown" are actually quite ignorant of American history. As an American who is a descendant of slaves and can trace my history in this country to three of the original thirteen colonies, I am deeply offended that I must constantly defend the AMERICAN experience of the descendants of African slaves.

I often find that Americans whose ancestors arrived in the late 19th and 20th centuries need to educate themselves about American history and stop minimizing the history of our country.

Please take the time to educate yourselves about why "lynching" is no damn joke:
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The baby is legally a citizen of the United States. She should be brought the US for her health care. Considering the treatment Samoans have faced under US occupation the US government is responsible for this child's health care.
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" 'If our diagnosis is correct, this implies that Down’s syndrome is not a modern disease,' say [Levitas and Reid] (American Journal of Medical Genetics 2003;116:399-405)."

Well no duh! Who thought this was a modern disease? That makes no sense. I always assumed that it was just a human genetic condition that always existed.
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