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What an eyesore. Who would want a giant teapot handle destroying a beautiful landscape. Just an example of "edgy" designers of today making a name for themselves by making hideous architectural abominations that waste material and don't fit in with their surroundings rather than something truly revolutionary.
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I forgot to mention, I'm a bus repair shop worker, and I keep abreast of the various accidents in our industry. These cheapo buses are involved in so many safety systems failures its unreal. In fact, Fung Wah already has the feds and the state looking at them after two of their buses lost front wheels due to improperly tightened wheel nuts, and another that got in an accident due to improperly maintained brakes. I'd never EVER ride one of these things.
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So, lets see, at $15/rider, 55 riders per trip, thats $825 gross per one way trip. Minus $119.75 for diesel (generously assumes 9mpg, and 220mi to Boston,) minus $76 for the driver's salary, and you're left with $629/trip. And that doesn't include insurance(up to 15000/yr), maintenance, tolls or taxes on the income. Something stinks in that picture. Either they're doing this just for charity, or there's something ELSE getting transported in those buses for the real money.
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A: I thought of this idea years ago in my powerwashable bathroom concept.
B: The shower is a testament to inefficiency since the hot water goes through the shower curtain and emerges nice and cold through the shower head... Maybe they can make it even more inefficient by adding fins to it so no matter what you do to the valve, you get a cold shower.
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Not a lamp, but a small alcohol fondue or chafing dish burner. You place alcohol inside the can, there is a wick to the coil which by the flame's heat generates pressure in the can and keeps the alcohol flowing through the small holes in the ring which perpetuates the cycle. It functions much the same as a vintage alcohol blow torch. Also similar are the new-fangled aluminum can stoves seen on many backpacking sites.
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