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Yes, Mary does yell whenever she's blown away by a performance. And this one certainly qualified. Definitely one of the top 10 performances of this season.

I love these judges (and the ones on Dancing With the Stars). They run the show as if it were a professional audition situation, they give honest critiques, they're never snarky, they always acknowledge the choreographers, they're quick to tell what they liked about a performance, and if they don't like a performance, they not only tell the contestant exactly why they don't like it, but then they give constructive advice on how to improve the contestant's future performance.

Speaking of choreographers, the first season's winner (Benji) is one of this season's choreographers. I think that's beyond awesome.

As far as I'm concerned, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars are the only two REAL reality shows on TV. The rest are a bunch of hyped-up, mean-spirited, artificial rivalries, dirty tricks, gross-outs, and a lot of humiliation. (As a sometime professional singer, I won't go anywhere near American Idol; even the winners stink.)

Oddly enough, it was a "100% guy" who got me into watching the dance competitions. He first tuned in because he liked the women's costumes. ("What? You mean there are men on the stage too?" OK, I'm the same way about the men, although I think the women look pretty cool too =grin=) Then he decided the dancing was pretty amazing too, and he's become a real dance aficionado. Our housemates ROFL because we yell and cheer like a couple of drunken fratboys at a bowl game.
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