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My suggestion for most entertaining boxer would be the brilliant, flawed, idiot Prince Naseem Hamed:
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ted, do you REALLY like the use of the technical terms?

e.g. "she's got a sweet ureter" (to rhyme with senorita)

So, tell her one of the two tubes taking urine from her kidney to her bladder is nice? It might well be, but I highly suspect it's not visible.

Having said that, I must try this line now.
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And over here we have to PAY to use the toilet in stations. I'm going to go to India and start drinking lots of beer and coffee, it'll eventually pay for itself.
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Is the answer that Channel 4 is launching a season of Kubrick films with documentaries to allow the viewer to 'see through Kubrick's eyes'?

Is it?
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Barack Obama keeps a little statue of the Sardar Bhagat Singh College of Technology and Management chairman in his pocket:,27424,1811278,00.html
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This is a slightly bizarre campaign, but quite fun in its insanity. I agree though, few people are going to sit through such a long video.

There's more about the campaign on a forum I post on, here: Follow some of the links, there is some really bonkers stuff about the fictitious town of Oberpfaffelbachen.
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That is such a great video. I can't get over how similar to modern b-boy battles that is. Except far more good-natured, and we don't dance in full military garb with heavy leather boots.

Dance Dance Revolutionaries.
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The Top Gear races ( are lots of fun.

Alba to London - Bugatti Veyron vs Cessna prop plane
London to Verbier - Ferrari 612 Scaglietti vs plane, train and coach
London to Montecarlo - Aston Martin DB9 vs Eurostar and TGV

The cars tend to win, except in the race that's most relevant to the average punter, car vs. bike vs. boat vs. public transport across London, where car came last!
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They weren't the first to parody this ad. A choreographer pal of mine called Anthony King was hired to be in this ad for a video game about 3 years back:

Having watched the Chevy ad, who the hell WOULDN'T want a b-boying car as opposed American hatchback?
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At least they're not eating it. I have met several couples that have chowed down on it after junior popped out, like a celebratory meal. I bet they're the kind of people that drink their own piss too, cos it "cleanses the soul".

My friend tried some placenta and he said it was deee-lish.
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I would like to see a reference for the brain dead woman giving birth.

There is more than one misnomer in the article.

DCD procedures, as they're called in the States, are only planned when irreversible and terminal damage has been done. Most tend to come from ITU. On occasion, an intended donor's heart does not stop beating and organ retrieval does not go ahead. I have never heard of any physician doing anything to speed up the process of death - in my experience.

Non-heart-beating donor kidneys are associated with higher rates of acute rejection and delayed function.

I think it's inflammatory and incorrect to suggest that not taking organs from someone with some remaining activity in the most primitive parts of the brain, i.e. the brainstem and areas that regulate basal functions, is equal to 'saving' them. These people will not recover to a normal state, nor even consciousness.

It's an interesting and difficult ethical debate.
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