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I remember hearing something a while back about this phrase...

In England, at the time, many professions were controlled by Guilds. If you wanted to be a shoemaker, for example, you couldn't just set up shop. You needed to be a member of the Shoemaker's Guild, and rise through their ranks as an apprentice, then only with their permission, could you go into business for yourself.

These guilds were notoriously corrupt. They demanded extortionate fees at every turn, and those in charge exacted bribes. In many cases, you had to be sponsored into a guild by a family member.

In the language of the time, one's "pursuit" was one's occupation. Thus the argument is made that the "pursuit of happiness" could be translated into more modern language as "career of preference". In the minds of the authors, this phrase conveys that everyone should be permitted to engage in whatever means of craft or employment they wish, and has little to do with a freedom to engage in any activity they like, as long as it makes them happy.
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I know it’s a fruitless battle, and I am tilting at windmills, but this nomenclature gets on my nerves.

In a professional kitchen, there is a flat-top cooking surface, used for frying eggs and pancakes and things like that. It’s called a griddle. There is also a grate with a heat surface underneath it, used for cooking steaks and burgers and things like that. It’s called a grill. It’s similar to a BBQ.

Thus, the cheese sandwich should more properly be called a “Griddled Cheese”.

Yeah, I know. Good luck with that. I get it. But it still gets on my nerves.
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@Craig, @Chuck

The real advantage to Universal Health Care is this: you cannot be declined.

My Aunt, several years ago, suffered a minor injury to her ribs when she fell while gardening. She got checked out at the hospital, and everything was fine.

Four years later, she had a heart attack in Florida. She had purchased private traveler's insurance, and underwent a bypass operation.

About 4 months after the bypass, she received notice from the insurance company that her coverage was declined. It seems that when she injured her ribs, a notation was placed on her file that she was "complaining of chest pain", and that was enough for the insurance company to declare it to be a "pre-existing condition".

They are now disputing a bill for $170,000

This, Chuck and Craig, is where private, for-profit insurance falls far short of the mark. You are at the mercy of a corporate drone whose career depends, not on the quality of medical care provide to the patient, but on the amount of profit generated for the insurer.

You can keep your cost analysis. I really don't care if it's free, or if I pay for it. If I can have complete, 100% confidence that the care I need will be there when I need it, it's worth every penny.

And don't give me that claptrap about wait times. My Mom got a plastic knee within three weeks, and when they discovered an abdominal tumor she was in the OR within days. And they are retirees on an extremely limited fixed income. Not rich.
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Okay, first of all, it wasn't "a BB gun covered in deadly poison". The gun wasn't poisoned, the projectile was.

It wasn't a BB....a BB is 4.5mm or .177 caliber. Markov was shot with a ball bearing 1.52mm.

And the projectile wasn't covered in poison, it was covered in wax, after cavities had been drilled into the ball bearing and stuffed with ricin.

All of which were perfectly obvious if you actually take the time to read the article that you're linking to.
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The 2010 Super Bowl Halftime show was excellent, but it wasn't The Who.

It would be like sticking Sir Paul and Ringo on a stage and calling it The Beatles.

They should change the name of their musical enterprise to "Who's Left".
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