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Oh and all MEMRI does is translate what is being broadcast on tv in several Islamic-dominated countries.
Spare me your "the Jews run it!" line, Adam. (And so what is they do? They should be experts reagrding the subject of hatred from Muslims aimed at them, it's been going on for 1400 years!)
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I am talking about non-Muslims treatment in Islamic dominated countries. Something you obviously don't care about or even know about it seems, and all you can do in response is try to attack me personally. Lame.
Along with your fellow 'liberal' who criticises my spelling, instead of discussing the issue I brought up.
Lame as well.
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I call BS! For example, Seems to me most liberals could care less about the plight of non-Muslims in Islamic-dominated countries and they rationalize that away quite effectively. (or they just completely ignore it) And when people do speak out against it liberals call you a racist! (figure that?)
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It depends on what they are broadcasting really. If the alternative viewpoint is Jew-hatred and Islamic supremacism along with conspiracy theories then hell no! We see what that has wrought in Islamic-dominated countries. (shows on how to properly beat your wife etc...go see whats on MEMRI for more examples of some Islamic media)
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ted said, "I think Grandma did it for her own pleasure rather than for the kid, which is the creepy part of it. Not sexual creepy, but creepy nonetheless."

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This is because of Muhammed's example of marrying Aisha at 6 and 'consumating' the marriage when she was 9. He was in his 50's btw, and Aisha was his best buddies daughter.
Most of her hair fell out when she knew she was supposed to 'go to' him and consumate the so-called marriage. (People can have their hair fall out under very serious stress)
If you want to argue with me, please dont, just go look it up in Islamic approved sources. It's all there. I didnt make this up.
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