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I live about five minutes away from this library and I can tell you that everyone in our community is very proud of it.

Our new library is filled with bright and beautiful spaces for reading and studying, as well as modern meeting rooms that can be reserved for business presentations. The children's area is immense and easy to use. You'll find a small cafe and a used book store in the main lobby. Free WiFi is available throughout the building.

If you love to read, or you just enjoy good architecture and design, I highly recommend a visit.
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Sitting in a car at an intersection is not probable cause. I find it sad, and more than a little frightening that anyone would interpret the violation of a citizen's 4th amendment rights as merely an inconvenience.

If this is acceptable, then why not just "inconvenience" an entire city until all of the wanted criminals are found? Why not the whole country? This is not what a free country looks like.
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Sadly, there's no shortage of inconsiderate little brats who lack any sense of accountability, and irresponsible parents who allow them to behave this way. If the parents of this particular brat were doing their job, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

That said, he shouldn't have punched the kid. Dump a cold soda on him? Yeah, I'd be ok with that.
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The mass of Jupiter is equivalent to 317.83 Earth masses. I can't even imagine what something so massive, and in such close proximity would do to our gravity. The weight of everything on the planet would fluctuate wildly on a daily basis, and tides would essentially be like tsunamis on every coast. Would Earth even be inhabitable? Of course, technically, we would be the one orbiting Jupiter.
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If these are higher-end airsoft guns, then yes $12,000 could easily be the retail value.

The statement in the article that troubles me the most is this one: "With minimal work it could be converted to a machine gun" Crenshaw said.

Aside from outward appearances, these guns have nothing in common with actual firearms. They could no sooner be turned into machine guns than could a raw block of wood or a billet of steel.

The fact that Special Agent Kelvin Crenshaw even made this statement leads me to question both his judgment and his competence. If he believes these toys are a legitimate threat, then maybe he'd be better suited at another government agency, like OSHA.
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