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Brad Goodspeed watched the recent lunar eclipse and wondered how an exact copy of the earth would look if it were as close to us as the moon. Then he thought about the other planets. In this animation, he has several planets revolving around the earth at the same distance as our moon. Beware: Jupiter can be scary, especially if you watch this in full-screen mode. Link -via Metafilter

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c0ldfish, the distance between Earth and the Moon far exceeds the radius of Jupiter. So even if you placed Jupiter on the exact same orbit the Moon travels, there'd be lots of space between the two planets.
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if jupiter was as close to earth as the moon would be inside of jupiter

as to the exclusion of some of the planets: venus is a similar size to earth, uranus is very similar in size to neptune, saturn is somewhat similar in size to jupiter, mercury is small and boring, and most of the moons in the solar system are smaller than ours

it was impressive how scary this video really was though

seeing jupiter in the nights sky would be like swimming with a blue whale
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The mass of Jupiter is equivalent to 317.83 Earth masses. I can't even imagine what something so massive, and in such close proximity would do to our gravity. The weight of everything on the planet would fluctuate wildly on a daily basis, and tides would essentially be like tsunamis on every coast. Would Earth even be inhabitable? Of course, technically, we would be the one orbiting Jupiter.
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