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Kotaku has a pic without the graffiti on it:


Sadly, it looks like someone pilfered the art. :/
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Is it monobrow or unibrow? I used the word "monobrow" before and was instantly corrected, but now I stand confused! Are they both right?
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Why is there so much hate? These aren't government resources he's using. He raised the money himself, started a charity, and went through all the legal work involved to get the job done. He should do what he wants with the $3000, and if that's saving the life of a close friend (even if it is a dog) then what is wrong with that? I mean, if my fiancee was in danger I wouldn't hesitate to spend the money to fly her out. I would get my friends and relatives to help if I didn't have enough. What I do with my hard-earned funds is MY choice. You can criticize Brian Dennis for helping out a being he cares about, but if you're criticizing him for not doing enough for everyone else using his own money -- well then, you wouldn't pay your mother's hospital bills, would you?

There are some things that can't be so easily replaced. You can't place a value on good relationships.
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