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Is it worth pointing out that the power cable is unplugged from that iMac in the picture? I think that might be the problem there...
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First let me preface this by say that I'm not a chemist. I did however cover mass spectrometry briefly in one of my college physics classes and, more better yet, my dad IS an environmental chemist and I can remember him talking about using gas chromatographs (GC/MS) since I was growing up.

Basically, an MS is used to detect what compounds (molecules) make up a solution. The particles are shot at a sensor and depending on how much they weigh (the "mass" part of MS) they will impact a detector in different places. This information is usually shown on a graph similar to a histogram or line chart. The more times a molecule of a particular mass impacts the sensor, the higher the reading at that point in the graph, creating the "peaks" in the song. Based upon these readings, a chemist can determine precisely what molecules make up a sample and in what quantity, allowing them to know just what the unknown mixture is.

Isn't science fun? =D
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I'm surprised nobody's pointed out the response video from YouTube that shows what god's divine creation looked like before human intervention. Take a look,
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Personally, I think a lot of ID regulations use somewhat absurd standards. A day after I turned 21 I wasn't ID'd when I tried to buy beer. Later, within a year or so, I was, when I tried to buy a ticket to see an 'R' rated movie. I personally felt like yelling at the clerk then too; "I can go buy a bottle of tequila without somebody batting an eyelash and yet you don't think I'm old enough to handle this movie?" Even when a computer requires entering a birth date, I've noticed many clerks will just cheat, usually by entering 111111 (11/11/1911) but I suppose that won't work for much longer.
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As a college student, funds are rather short. Of course, time is even shorter, but that won't stop me from asking for an invite, if you don't mind. bartleby84 [squiggly little a] gmail [full stop] com Muchos gracias!
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At my brother's wedding reception they had mashed potato cocktails (think shrimp cocktails) with either white or purple potatoes. The one person that I found who was brave enough to try both said they tasted basically the same however.
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It was interesting to see the way the light pulsated on and off as it turned. I imagine it's related to the information on this page about measuring the speed of light with chocolate chips in a microwave (seriously!).
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