The Dumbest IT Questions Ever

IT consulting firm Robert Half Technology asked over 1,400 CIO weird questions people ask their company's tech support. Here are some of the oddball questions they got:

CIOs were asked, “What is the strangest or most unusual request you or a member of your help desk or technical support team has ever received?” Their responses included:

* “Why isn’t my wireless mouse connected to the computer?”
* “My laptop was run over by a truck. What should I do?”
* “Can you rearrange the keyboard alphabetically?”
* “How do I read my e-mail?”
* “My computer is telling me to press any key to continue. Where is the ‘any’ key?”
* “Can you reset the Internet for me?”
* “There are animal crackers in my CD-ROM drive.”
* “Can you build me a robot?”


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"Who is this General Failure, and why is he attempting to read my disk?"

- Old DOS joke...

But I have to agree with Edward on this..
Besides, computers have gotten less accesible over the years.
With the old Home Computers we used to get a comprehensible manual where you could find the ins and outs of your OS..

Now most of the users don't have a clue how to customize their windows or how many handy shortcut keys there are and such.
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Oh, the days of IT support. How I hated those days. Best moment I had was when someone had put their pizza in the cd-rom drive and was wondering why their pizza wasn't warming up.
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My favorite is, "my cupholder is broken, do you know where I can get a new one?" After a few minutes of exploring the subject, it turned out to be the CD-ROM drive.
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