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Yeah, it's not the picture, good on her for her accomplishments but it's what she SAID that came across as mean and belittling, especially coming from someone who has struggled with eating issues. She found something that worked for her, great, but her thing may not work for others. I struggled for years trying different routes and then found something that helped me, it wasn't the cure all but it was a step to better until I find more tools to take it even further than that, and the last thing I'd do is tell everyone they should do what I did or else it's just an excuse. Rude.
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It's an embroidery depicting lilies (for purity) hanging at the foot of her bed. It's the same one Mary is sewing in Rossetti's Girlhood of the Virgin Mary.
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Christina Hendricks was just cast as a Valkyrie in the film adaptation of Der Ring des Nibelungen and costumers are busy at work casting her breastplate.

(I love Physics t shirt xl)
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Wow Jill, you're so smart for thinking people are too dumb to notice that Police Call Boxes and telephone booths are NOTHING alike. But hey, put TARDIS in the title and you'll get all the Doctor Who nerds looking at your little article about telephone booths. Huh.
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Find another way to express it then. Using the cutesy Superhero motif only makes obesity into a villain to be beaten up. As if overweight kids don't have enough of the world ganging up on them already.
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Reporter: So this family was slaughtered over the weekend in yet another case of mass murder/suicide. As the teacher of one of the children did you see any signs?

Teacher: Well, the girl drew pictures of her father with guns shooting bad guys.

Reporter: Was he a cop?

Teacher: No, we just thought she had a vivid imagination and left it at that.

Reporter: But if you'd checked in with social services they could have talked to police and seen that the father had a criminal record of assault and burglary, and no record of a hand gun registered in the home. Maybe a spot check could have been done to make sure this wasn't all a mistake.

Teacher: I guess, but this is a small town and the cops might have over-reacted and done something dumb like hold him overnight for nothing.

Reporter: Yeah, there is that.

Yeah, over-reaction, could have been handled better, but c'mon, they obviously were just concerned about the kid. Apologize and maybe offer some compensation.
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Except medieval battle archers were pulling about 50 pounds more weight. Her bow can't have more than 25 pounds of pull on it.
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