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Not all of us Corvette owners are gray-haired old "Corvette guys". Anyway, in about 10 years somebody's going to pick up this car for $200 and spend $20,000 restoring it back to original condition.
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I got some black q-tip style ear swabs the last time I was in Japan. I wasn't ready for the brutal honesty of how much gunk comes out of my ears.
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Well, from what I can tell, they're not particularly happy with the process of being swaddled, but it's super effective when they're wrapped by someone who's better practiced than the person in the first video.

Here's one that shows other calming techniques commonly used along with swaddling:

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The real shame is that when she's 40, ultimately regrets her decision, and realizes how bad she messed up by limiting her options, nobody will care enough at that point to do another story about what an idiot she was.
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I saw a post about this condition on boingboing back in March. Here's a link to some unsettling images of the papilloma virus affecting rabbits (in case anyone wants more gross imagery)

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I'm currently about $3,500 and two years deep into my costume project. Hopefully I'll be done by Halloween...

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