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Sammy, mine are coming from wondering how many service people were injured or lost their lives because of this fiasco. Talk about playing directly into the enemies hands...
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At my son's high school, apparently some teachers were less than observant about the SOPA blackout day. 1st period, teacher headed to computer center with students to research topics using... Wikipedia. And no, it wasn't an attempt to make a point about SOPA, but it ended up being the topic of the day in most classes.
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I'd be more concerned over the glass and nails in the ground hurting the elephant's feet. It looks like it barely took anything for the elephant to move that vehicle. Once it's out of the debris, you can tell that the wheels were turning just fine (for a vehicle having been through a tornado).
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It's a bear mat, if I recall correctly. Placed in front of doors in the mountains, it keeps the wildlife from getting too close.

Don't make me send out the flying monkeys, XL
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That lady is definitely a snoozer... Bor-ing. The series wouldn't have gotten through the first season with her. You can tell she's just not comfortable in the role.

Funnily enough, I am just now introducing Voyager to my 16-yo son, and after 11 episodes, he thinks it's the best Trek series of the bunch. Mulgrew definitely had an edge, and brought enthusiasm and humanity to the role of Captain. Not to mention that she was not afraid to be a woman, too.
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