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Why don't you try hooking up your car exhaust pipe to the same contraption and run the same experiment? I'm really interested in the results? Should we quit driving our cars??
And I think this argument is applicable to a multitude of things we just don't care about, like power plants (should we quit electricity?), airplanes, factories, you name it... I think that it's just in to be anti-smoking today, it's a trend.
And of course smoking is bad for you, you'd have to be an idiot not to realize it. That's exactly why I quit. I just can't stand the hypocrisy and double standards of the entire anti-smoking movement today...
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I couldn't agree with you more, except for 1 little thingy. I don't think that Jane Austen claims that what she says is the truth, the only truth and if you don't believe her, you'll burn in hell...
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Now I'm a little confused... I understand the fact that somebody wouldn't want his\her kid to read this. What confuses me though is what does: "This Won’t Hurt a Bit: A Painlessly Short (and Incomplete) Evolution of Execution." tell you?? I think that you can safely assume what's it going to be about, hence decide whether you want to read it, or let your kid read it...
Oh and actually the bible is an idiotic book, have you ever tried reading it?? And also, what has belief got to do with religion? I mean why believe when you can read and think??
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Well for somebody who's a complete, radical atheist, I must say I've been swept off my feet by Santa Maria del Fiore (The Duomo) in Florence. It's absolutely your biggest mistake not to include it in the list. More so because it was the first of the grandiose renaissance churches and a template for St. Peter’s Basilica. Not to mention Brunelleschi's (the architect and engineer) pioneering constructional techniques, I mean the guy was a freak... You try building it with medieval mortar and bricks, getting them up there using an ox driven hoist... Unbelievable, there must've been aliens involved...
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