Need a Reason to Quit Smoking?

Hit play or follow the link to watch this guy distilling the tar contained in two boxes of cigarettes. Now, don't smoke!

Link to Metacafe video - via Geeks a Sexy

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Ive smoked for 31 years. Tomorrow will be 28 days without having a smoke. What a freaking nightmare to quit this shit. I agree that the government should not allow the tobacco companies to exist and I believe our government is a bunch of bitches for profiting off a terrible addiction like smoking or drinking. Anger with the government and big tobacco are my reasons for quitting and Im using that anger to keep me strong and off tobacco. I think they are all low down pricks and are just as bad as any rat bastard leader that kill their own people. They make me wear a seatbelt for my own good but they'll let me smoke myself into an iron lung. It was my choice to start but back in the 70s everyone smoked. There wasnt any educational commercials and people whining about second hand smoke. You could smoke anywhere you wanted and cigs were 35 cents a pack. I never would have started if I knew then what I know now. Do yourselves a favor and quit making these asses rich and spare your health. 28 days Im already breathing alot better. I doubt Ill ever be super healthy again but maybe I wont die at 50 and can watch my kid grow up.
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1st of all, this guy has WAAAYYY too much time on his hands. Do that to 400 different cigarettes?? wow, that must've been worth your time... nah, people already know cigarettes are bad for you. What exactly did you prove again? Oh, that cigarettes are bad for you? Nah, people already proved/showed that a long time ago. And who cares, if people want to smoke then oh well. Look people almost everything can be bad for you: cars (auto accidents), alcohol (heart & liver disease, drunk driving accidents, etc), airplanes (airplane crashes), food (obesity, liver disease as shown in Super Size Me), etc. etc. etc. Yeah, please protect me from everything on this earth or I will die. And watch out for that sky falling too.
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