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Curly was the greatest, and I think it still comes across all these years later. Shemp was many rungs below him. I don't know if it's common knowledge, but the Stooges were at a severe disadvantage of working for a cheap studio. There contemporaries, The Marx Brothers, were able to use the best writers, editors, etc. Imagine if The Three Stooges had that kind of support!

Just a few days ago I searched Google and Youtube for any kind of interviews or off-camera footage of Curly and I couldn't find ANYTHING. Does anyone reading this know where to find something like that?
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Looks real, though strange, to me. It's hard to fake all the animals' shadows like that. Besides, if you're going to put a lot of time into making a fake video, why would it be THAT?
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I am SO jealous! It's real. You can't fake those kind of eyes for ten minutes straight. I remember feeling extremely groovy after my wisdom teeth were removed. The next day, my mom said, "You were so loving and pleasant last night. Why can't you always be like that?"
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Jeez, what a buncha snotty a-holes. The person who made this was just trying have some fun and share the results of their effort and you all use it as an opportunity to show how clever and superior you are. Jerks.
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"Hello, operator? There seems to be some sort of pseudo-industrial acujack the keeps alpha-jerking me three feet in front of this phone booth everytime I put my coins in the slot. Plus, I'm fat."
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