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No, I sent you a photo of another piano turned into a planter, but it is not a fountain. Sorry if that was confusing, but I did not mean to imply that it was the same one. Completely different re-used piano, just thought you would find it interesting.
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It's threatening behaviour, certainly. He's preying on the more vulnerable women, and I can't see how it wouldn't escalate. He's like one of those guys who, when you don't laugh at his crass joke will get angry that you don't get that he's being funny. Ha. Ha. And so many women are so over-socialized that they just can't stand to seem rude, even in the face of a potential threat.

If a guy did that to me (not that I'd let it get to that point these days, but when I was much younger) I'd at least try to get him charged with assault. That is just not normal, nor at all acceptable.
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Overly Attached Girlfriend? Um, can we say, "issues?" And, putting your own, negative, interpretation all over this?

I saw it as a large friend having a wobbly, and small friend being supportive.
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Actually, taking care of guys that look like this in a post-operative context, they can be real sweethearts, gentle and cooperative and very polite. My experience changed my stereotype assumptions. Not a guarantee, but this is what I have come to expect from these guys as a nurse taking care of them.
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Turabian required it when my spouse was writing his history papers, which is when I learned it. This has since been updated to one space, but by then I'd adopted it. I don't bloody well feel like changing back since we are talking about one or two nothings.

Rules change, typographers are not my absolute overlords.
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Once got such terrible service with a large party and a mandatory "tip" that everyone just put down cash for the bill, minus gratuity, and left.

I think the customers should sue for unlawful imprisonment. A gratuity is assessed, but has no legal force. The restaurant can sue the customer for it later, if they so choose, but to hold them captive sounds highly illegal.

Just putting up a notice does not a contract make.
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I remember solid chocolate bunnies as well, and I loved them. Took some gnawing, but that's not really a problem. Hollow is a cheat.
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