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It's the same for hot (spicy) foods. And think about it, all the hottest foods come from the World's hottest places. India, Thailand, Mexico, etc. Thank you World's Hottest Places!
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How did this slip past Neatorama?


Grant Korgan became the first adaptive athlete to make it to the South Pole, on the exact 100 year anniversary of Scott's accomplishment. It took him something like 250,000 pushes. That guy's incredible.
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Here's the list of this one:

Back to the Future
Coming to America
Dirty Dancing
Flight of the Navigator
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Karate Kid
Nightmare on Elm Street
Princess Bride
Q, The Winged Serpent
Short Circuit
Teen Wolf
Vice Versa
Weird Science

Any dissension?
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J is Jumpin' Jack Flash.

What's W? Is T (T)he Planet of the Apes? That seems cheap to me. In that vein, could A be (A)n Officer and a Gentleman? V, W, X and Y elude me.
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I always thought the ride was designed after the rocks at Squaw Valley. Walt Disney hosted the Winter Olympics there in 1960, and reportedly send a team of artists up there on horseback to sketch the landscape for use in the ride. At least that's the spiel we always gave when I drove the Cable Car.)
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Right before they played a set for their moustache party, the girls of Chic Gamine taught me the secret of the perfect high five: Watch each others elbow.

Resounding slaps, truly magnificent.
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Into my pancake batter I used to add the congealing grizzle that was, before being heartlessly chucked away, usually left to marinate in the bottom of the bacon pan. It was possibly those batches of pancakes that spawned my undying love for the Meal that is Breakfast.
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