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It's never occurred to me about what it's like to be a member of a terrorist organization. I spoent 10 years on a SEAL Team, and I often wonder how my friends who are still serving are doing and how the technology they are using these days differed from when I was in the military, but never have I given a thought about how it is to fight for ISIS.
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They're not medical conditions, they're disorders - randomly made up conditions psychiatrists use to pimp their drugs...

Medical conditions are things like diabetes, hemophilia, AIDS, sclerosis of the liver, etc.

Disorders are based on subjective diagnosis. They are not based on anything medical.
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Have you watched or read any of the material on the cchr.org web site? People need to know about this. Neatorama bloggers love to promulgate psychiatric propaganda but none of them take any responsibility for it. It's all just a curiosity to Neatorama authors, but none of them have done any real research beyond the links they find...
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Ahh, psychology and psychiatry have brought us so far. Oh wait, no they havent. They're more tools against mankind than they are for the advancement of...

Neatorama loves pimpin' their wares though...
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