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There was a mod for the original Battlefield title that had the opposing teams as Carebears vs. Teletubbies, using paintball weapons. And yes, it WAS as eips as it sounds. One vid should be enough:
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I love the Intarnet.
"He's a selfish man insulting his son!!"
"How DARE he spend (his OWN) money on a stupid stunt!"

Get a life people, lighten a little and just enjoy things once in a while. I'm a pretty cynical prick most days, and even I can't see much fault with this.
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@Miss Cellania: But it SO should be! Very cool, I wonder if my nephew is still into dinosaurs because he's getting this for his birthday this year.

@Jams: Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!
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I love how the Google ads above the pic go from "Furniture Sales at Macy's" right to "Crime Scene Clean-up" & "Removal Of Blood Stains" in that order.

Oh, and mein kampfy? You sir, WIN at the Intarnets!! Kudos.
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Another B'more Neatonaut here! We're hanging tough, last day of digging (hopefully) is over. It's really amazing to look around & see how much snow is just piled all OVER the place. As a bonus, I had to crawl halfway under the deck today to retrieve an escaped cat who would have frozen to death. Foolish creature!

I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow, it'll be relaxing.
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