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got 90% though i only knew a few of them, i educatedly guessed the rest of them, from my knowledge of wonky fast food naming schemes. the one i missed was about the hadron collider, i assumed that one was going to be a trick question, so i picked the same name it already has.
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Score: 85% (11 out of 13)

i missed the one about the music of Maximum Carnage (wasn't into what bands where what back then) and the Super Punch Out one (never played it myself).
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i never saw the first one. only heard bad about it so i never looked into it. now this new one looks interesting. though i think the new bad guy hulk guy is a bit cheesy (but thats cause i have never read hulk comics, so i don't know if he was in a comic or not).
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well, if you went back in time, stayed in that time, and changed history, wouldn't that create a parallel world? and we would still be here in this world where it did happen, and you would/could live in that other world where it did not happen? and if you were to travel back into the future of that world where it did not happen, you are still in that parallel world... or something like that?
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i saw this on FSN's Final Score. i think it was like 15 laterals for the touchdown and the win.... i am still in awe at how they managed to accomplish that play!
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i was hoping for something a bit more interesting for the one about second life... taht was actually kinda dumb.. if you've spent at least a couple of days getting used to how the game works, its a lot more interesting, specifically creating 3d things (i make cars n such) and selling em to folks.
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