Quirky Sizes

Back in the day, you could order a "small", a "medium", or a "large" of just about anything. The names have changed! Today's Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss will find out how well you know the cutesy and creative names companies give to their sizes. I scored 60%, which is better than I expected, since almost none of these chains exist where I live. http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/20461

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I really had a bad attitude one day with a kid in McDonald's who was too ignorant to understand that Medium is the middle size, that the customer is always right, and that picking your battles is what it's about.

"...and a medium Diet-Coke, please"

"We don't have medium, we have Regular, Large, & Supersize."

"Insulting a customer by telling him you don't have a medium sized drink is not a good practice."

No matter what I said, it went downhill from there. I'm assuming he's been promoted to Manager by now. They love those who toe the company line at McDonald's.
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got 90% though i only knew a few of them, i educatedly guessed the rest of them, from my knowledge of wonky fast food naming schemes. the one i missed was about the hadron collider, i assumed that one was going to be a trick question, so i picked the same name it already has.
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Did anyone see Role Models yet? One of my favorite scenes is when Paul Rudd acts like an ass to the woman who works at Starbucks.

"'Tall' is large, 'Grande' is Spanish for large, 'Venti' is the only one that doesn't actually mean large. It's Italian, it means 20. Congratulations, you're stupid in three languages."

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