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Worked on me. One day I just decided that my fear was silly. I noticed that insects are the ones who seem fearless and spiteful (they aren't spiteful, but some actually do have an interest in harming us), while spiders always seem so terrified and timid. So I read about how rarely spiders bite, and how rare are any spiders whose bites are medically significant. It's funny how people refer to their "spider bites" when they never /saw/ a spider bite them. Then I started gently releasing them outside using my bare hands. Then I started occasionally handling them just to admire them. They are our friends.

I was even finally desensitized to (mild shudder) ticks recently when I a stay in the country had me removing several from my dog each day. They don't jump, and they can't just bite you at a second's notice. But I did notice an interesting thing: if you drop a large AMerican dog tick into the web of one of those wispy large house spiders, it will wrap the tick up and attempt to feed on it, but then give up and cut the tick loose. Also, you cannot drown a tick. I pulled a big one off of my dog while groggily drinking soy milk from the fridge at 3am and had no place to put it or way to kill it, so I dropped it into a bucket of water I had sitting there. The tick was alive at the bottom of the bucket a WEEK later. I later read that the point at which submersion kills 95% of ticks is 1.5 YEARS. Oh, and they can go 19 years without a meal... just waiting there in an empty cabin with those arms waving around. They are gross.
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Ask any American to name a media mogul and he/she will name either:

(1) Rupert Murdoch, who might or might not be Jewish, but whose companies have historically been controlled by names like Peter Chernin, Gail Berman, Michael Stern, Jane Friedman, Thomas Rothman and William Kristol,etc,


(2) Ted Turner, who among such anything-but-household names like media titans Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein), Haim Saban, Gerald Levin, Norman Pearlstein, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Barry Diller, Samuel Newhouse, Jeff Zucker, Stacy Snider, Ron Meyer, David Geffen, Jeff Katzenberf, Steven Spielberg, Amy Pascal, Andrew lack, Howard Stringer, Laurence Tisch, Harvey Weinstein, Michael Eisner, Les Moonves, David Westin, David Sazslav, Al Ortiz, Andrew Lack, Michael Silverman, Ann Levin, Jonathan Wolman, Arthur Sulzberger, Russel T. lewis, Michael Golden, Martin Nisenholtz, Peter Kann, Mortimer Zuckerman, etc etc. etc., etc., etc., little more than a thoroughly routed needle in a haystack. And that's arguably why his name is so familiar, because that's how they do it. They have gentiles take the heat for their media control just as they have our brothers, sons and fathers dying for their hegemony aspirations in the middle east.
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"“Jewish media organ like Cracked”

Aaaaaaand there goes your credibility Mahmoud, right down the old dumper."

Oh, ok Mr. Foolkilter.

Not sure what planet you guys are on, but Jewish media domination is so total in the western world that I didn't even have to check to KNOW that such a depraved, profane, (and at-times hilarious) website indeed constitutes a "Jewish media organ."

Beginning with its foundation by Brooklyn-born SOL BRODSKY, it's plain to see that CRACKED is still in Jewish hands like 95% of the rest of the media. These guys can be cryptic and obscure, but just a lazy glance at the Wikipedia writeup shows: the managing editor of is OREN KATZEFF, put in charge when its current owners, DEMAND MEDIA GROUP took control in 2007. The CEO, founder and chairman of Demand Media is RICHARD ROSENBLATT.

Your ignorant knee-jerk reaction that my "credibility" was shot on the basis of seeing Jews as occupying the same planet as the rest of us, humans capable of earthly things like collectively dominating media content direction to their tribal benefit, dominating two-party campaign contribution to their tribal benefit, dominating US foreign policy lobbying to their tribal benefit, dominating the Palestinian people to their tribal benefit, demonizing the German people to their tribal benefit, and systematically undermining all European-founded societies to their tribal benefit, and not on the bias of /whether my statement was factually wrong/ is a perfect illustration of the IMPACT of Jewish media and academia domination on us all. UCLB Professor Kevin MacDonald explains these matters well in his CULTURE OF CRITIQUE, and the persecution he has suffered for writing it by people who clearly never read it is illustrative as well.

But so is tribal treatment of heroic Jewish 'defectors' from the power structure, notably famed Israeli-born saxophonist Gilad Atzmon or critic of Jewish media domination Oliver Stone, but most of all, former world Jewish leader BENJAMIN FREEDMAN, whose 50s-era speeches explain so much of our modern crisis, including the almost universally-misunderstood phenomenon of the Third Reich.
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The V-2 rocket is a symbol of how "dumb" these people were? Despite that it is 95% of the basis of the technology that enabled mankind to walk not he moon? Despite that the man the US put in charge of putting an American on the moon was the "nazi" in charge of the V-2 rocket? Its experimental failures, not unlike NASA's multiple recent failures in its Mars programs, prove that these people were "dumb?" Is that why the V-2 is conspicuously absent from any published timeline of mankind's interaction with space, despite that the V-2 is the first object mankind put into space?

The idea that Germany's National Socialists, a party independently verifiably elected with more popular support than modern history has ever seen, and by the best educated, most multi-lingual population ever, were /dumb/ is not exactly a surprising sentiment to emerge from a Jewish media organ like Cracked (which, together with MAD is admittedly to be thanked for much of my own early-childhood humor). But it's hard not to feel embarrassed for G-D's self-chosen people as they delude themselves with such self-evidently foolish nonsense as this. Reconciling faith with reality is difficult enough when one's holiest texts don't declare all other peoples, including the nation with the highest average IQ (Germany) as sub-human ("goyim").

Do the "dumb" Nazis include Martin Heidegger, arguably the 20th century's most important philosopher, whose private correspondence recently proved to be the fanatical National Socialist and Hitler supporter he portrayed himself as while a member of the NSDAP throughout the war?

Do the "dumb" Nazis include Norwegian Nobel Laureate Knut Hamsun, who risked his life to issue an obituary for the Platonic self-styled 'philosopher king' Adolf Hitler?

Do the "dumb" Nazis include the fanatic National Socialist Horten brothers, whom Northrup Gruman and National Geographic recently proved to have invented and 100% successfully materialized the stealth aircraft technology the US didn't understand until three decades later?

I mean, this is just too easy, and you guys are asking to be ridiculed. One could go on and on and on, comparing the modern Zionist state with Hitler's Germany, its fraudulent heroes (such as Einstein) to the titans of every field from poetry to physics, forgotten by an essentially totally Jewish-owned western media and essentially totally Jewish-dominated western academia because and only because they were "nazis." The reality is that the landslide majority of objectionable, incorrect, or "dumb" sentiments attributed to the "nazis" by Jewish media are sentiments they never held, much less declaimed. They never defined "Aryan" as blonde-hair/blue-eyes, and 'Herrenvolk' does not translate as "master race." 95% of what the public knows about the third reich is a fraudulent straw man propaganda product, and it continues with ever greater fervor to this day, because there are literally trillions of dollars at stake in preserving the unique critical immunity of the incomparably aggressive and incomparably deceptive, nuclear-armed tribe that emerged from the war (that it arguably started) as essentially the ruling class of the western world.

It is MEDIA control, from New York Times and Viacom down to that, over 60 years, makes the difference between kindergardeners from Berlin to Auckland being mandatorily brainwashed about non-existent gas chambers and any educated adult having ever heard of Lazar Kaganovich, the 20th century's greatest mass-murderer.

They don't call it 'chutzpah' for nothing.
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Only the kind of people who don't wince to see 'comprised' used in place of 'composed' think a celebrity athlete achieving an online doctoral degree in the topic of "humor and seriousness in leadership style" is anything o take seriously.

Let me guess, Alex, my preceding sentence qualifies as "hate" and is thus fit for your Orwellian memory hole, right?
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the crank looks like it might transfer torque to a shaft, and the unit might be held held vertically. Some sort of core sampler w/ view compartment?
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