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Is this pajamas in public a black thing?

So white hipsters wearing no pants on NY subway is ironic. But black people wearing pj's at Walmart is horrifying. Where did this guy stand on the Zubaz pants issue of the 90's?

I'd add too that pajamas is not the worst thing I've seen someone wear at Walmart. Fat chicks in tube tops should not be a ticket, but a jailable offense
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I love it when these blow hards on Fox news bemoan the war on Christmas. To the founding fathers Christmas wasn't even a big deal

The reason Washington decided on Dec 25 was because he knew he was going up against Hessian mercs. Hessians were German and Christmas was a big deal to Germans. Christmas wasn't a big deal to the English speaking world back then. Washington knew the Hessians would all be drunk celebrating Christmas.

The reason Christmas caught on in the Anglo-sphere was because of Queen Vitoria who was of German descent. Charles Dickens also popularized Christmas
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Can't kill the white moose but can kill the darkie moose? RACISTS!!!

In Trinity Bellwoods Park Toronto theirs an albino squirrel that has cult like status. Its even been in commercials and the news. People say have you seen the white squirrel. I say who cares, I grew up in a neighborhood in Kingston On that had three albino squirrels. I say to these people would feel less angry at the albino tree rat than the dark coloured one if he chewed a hole in your roof that cost you a few thousand dollars to fix.

I think albino animals should go on the list of stuffwhitepeoplelike.com
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RudeDude have you been paying attention to the state of the US economy. This August was the first since 1945 that no new jobs were created in the US. I could go on about other economic indicators but it would be too long a list
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Bullsh*t its a vacation. I bet if we check in with him in a few years we'll learn he's interning at Langley like Anderson Cooper did. http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2006/09/anderson-coopers-cia-secret.php
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