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@Muzition , I am an ex-pat Canadian mate, living in Melbourne as I type, and I wouldn't buy that plane ticket just yet..

the governments reported unemployment rate is around 5.3% at present, which on the surface seems to be much lower than in Canada, but take this idiotic tidbit into account....

The Australian government classifies working 1 (ONE) hour a week as being "fully" employed and there for not counted in official employment stats.

In actual fact the unemployment rate is around 10-15% with rumours the rate is closer to 20% ... so ya save your cash mate.. If I could I'd bail on this train wreck personally... buuut I can't

for some insight, have a quick read of this news article from today:
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What is Americas hang up on social medical care for everyone? WTF is wrong with you people?

In case you hadn't noticed, low cost or free public health care works in MANY MANY countries around the world, try evolving to something outside of yourselves, oh and drop the religious arguments they're off topic and a complete waste of time and energy
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Nice Neatonazis' so Nessa can troll and tell the poster of this video to go and take a bottle of poison, but I post politely asking Nessa to follow her own advice first and I my post get removed.. nice....

real nice
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