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The Watchmen theory seems pretty sound. He's reminiscent of the character 'Hooded Justice'. Which is disappointing because this is a very weak attempt at viral marketing for a movie version (maybe) of one of the greatest comics ever.
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I think that there are various scholarly definitions of a civil war, and in most cases the conflict in Iraq meets all the criteria. However, the semantic argument only serves to underline that the Bush administration is lying now and has done throughout his tenure, and no matter what way you look at it and no matter how we label this war it is a monstrous failure in terms of what its stated goals were. However, it is important to remember that its stated goals were not the true goals of the occupation and we will probably never know what they really were. In any case the abhorrent loss of life in Iraq can be described with catch-all labels or without but no two word phrase does this sickening invasion and its subsequent bloody aftermath justice.
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Apologies if I upset anyone. I am sure Alex is not stupid, and the story in itself is neat. However, political editorialising undermines the writer by betraying bias, whether that be one way or the other. Recently, I've noticed more politics than usual on Neatorama, and with respect for the posters' allegiances, all one-sided. I don't care to tell people what they can or can't say, however as a visitor to the site I feel I have as much right as anyone to ask that some commonsense be observed, especially in the field of politics. I concede that I originally put this notion very bluntly and, as such, I offer sincere apologies to those who were angered or offended by my crude comments.
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