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That style of gear is actually useful for very specific applications where the speed needs to vary up and down in a regular cycle. Of course, they aren't usually made of wood!
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Shooting down a satellite breaks it into smaller debris, which are harder to track. This is the reason everyone was against the Chinese missile launch. (And of course the fact that it gives them practice shooting down satellites)

The spy satellite shot down by the US government was in a much lower orbit, so the debris field fell to Earth instead of becoming a problem.
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I love that he says to use a 15W bulb because it doesn't get hot so it is safer. He then exposes two wires with live current on the outside of the bulb, making it so any sane person would stay way from it. He says dipping it in clear epoxy would be safer, but his own build doesn't have it.

I like #3's idea of putting a light in the new base, but I don't think you can get something that small that runs off line current. Maybe a carefully cut hole would let you put a candle sized bulb inside the original.
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My girlfriend and I just use the day as a reason to go out and do something special together; we don't buy any of that crap you see in all the stores.

Also, Valentine's day was not made up by candy companies, sweetest day was, although looking at Wikipedia, that holiday may only be a regional thing.
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Alex, they're talking about a different site that had a Hello Kitty AK-47 and made the rounds a while ago. It was pretty obviously fake when you looked into it. The gun you wrote about is real.
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In the US (at least in Michigan) there is a minimum speed of 45mph. The only times you can drive slower than that are when conditions like weather make it unsafe to go faster.
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For those wondering about the cat-

Cats with folded ears like that are "Scottish Folds". I would love to have one, but I would never get a cat from a breeder when I could get one from a local shelter. Unfortunately, you don't see folds in places like that very often.
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