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I would have just imagined that she's a magician's aide and he's a magician - seems like all of these situations could have taken place in "The Prestige"
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All parkings in Germany have women designated spots. Like Seban said, it's for security reasons, and also because of the higher likelihood of having to push a stroller, not because it's assumed they can't park. I don't find it sexist and am very grateful for these spots late at night.

Now that there's a guy who decided to have some fun with a few strange sized spots just so he can say that his parking lot has more spots, who on earth cares?
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Most of the time the word people intend is “compliment": nice things said about someone ("She paid me the compliment of admiring the way I shined my shoes.”). “Complement,” much less common, has a number of meanings associated with matching or completing. Complements supplement each other, each adding something the others lack, so we can say that “Alice’s love for entertaining and Mike’s love for washing dishes complement each other.” Remember, if you’re not making nice to someone, the word is “complement.”
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As Kev p23 says, it's an issue of weight, not space, which is being discussed here.

I barely weigh 55kg, and get given a hard time for my carry-on being 11kg instead of the 10kg limit. Then I take out some clothes and add them all on top of me, and ta-daaah, all of a sudden there's no "weight problem". It's ridiculous, and I agree that the total weight should count.

For all the tall people complaining that they would risk paying more and it's unfair, oh come on. I'm 1m65, and every bloody rock concert I've ever paid for looked the same: the shoulders of the tall people in front of me. We pay the same price, yet you guys always completely block my view.
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Not quite...
Arafat made a show of donating blood. Palestinians danced in the streets and distributed candy.
Israel built a memorial to 9/11.

I know you're going to say that you just copied the text, like with the olive oil thing a few weeks ago, but come on. Everyone remembers the dancing in the street.
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When my grandmother died, it was December and my brother was in the 9th grade. We flew to Israel for the funeral, and he missed two exams. Was always a straight A student. The principal was very unhappy that he had to retake his exams later in January, and complained about it to my mom incessantly, and saying how it's really exceptional and never again will she allow this.

To which my mom calmly replied "Don't worry - my mother wasn't planning on dying a second time."
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People who say the Caps Lock key is useless are usually English speakers who don't think other people exist.

On French keyboards, the line with the numbers actually has letters and symbols like &é"'(-è_çà)=, to get to the numbers you need to shift. When writing a sequence of over 3 numbers on my laptop I ALWAYS Caps Lock.

In Hebrew, in addition to the letters like ??????? we can also add various dots and lines to actually have vowels. Those symbols can be added only once Caps Lock is activated and then pressing shift again and reach for the numbers line: ??????????????
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