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The cancer thing is not surprising at all. Almost everybody has at least one relative that died of or just had cancer. It's literally everywhere.

And the heart diseases is because of unhealthy lifestyles. I don't think I need to remember you that the so-called first world is fat, although that's not the only thing.

The cancer thing is also related to our current lifestyles. Most things are cancerous in some way (some more than others, of course).

Probably the next goal in medicine (without forgetting actually curing the diseases) is preventive medicine and education. If we can't cure a disease, let's try not to have it.
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This is a parody of a video by moymoypalaboy (a funny youtube channel of two guys from the Philippines that make videos dancing like this).
They've copied their choreography using some software -which I don't know what it does exactly- and made this. I've seen other videos where they did the same but with anime characters.

Here's the original
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The thing with Russian happens all the time. Know the Mitsubishi Pajero? Pajero in Spanish means wanker. Nokia Lumia? Lumia is one of many synonyms of prostitute in Spain.

You just can't control that, you can't know every word in every language.
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