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The love of learning what one is interested in should never be looked down upon. What's all the aggression about? It's his hobby, he's keeping his brain fit. He could be sitting on his ass behind a computer wasting time looking up useless trivia....oh wait, THAT"S US.
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Good for her! I'n an elementary school teacher, and was appalled when a student showed me the school- provided lunch was a tube of "Gogurt' (a tube of sugar-filled yogurt) and a large soft pretzel. They had the option of taking a piece of fruit.That's it. Oh, and of course chocolate milk. Carbs and sugar and processed crap are pumped into our kids and they then wonder why they are obese and don't perform well. Sad to see in ways it's a global issue in schools. Sadly, that meal above looks 10 times better then the crap in U.S. schools.
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