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I too think it's intestines. But it reminds me of a recent video of the Chinese penis fish, which is actually a spoon worm. They are pretty disgusting.
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My husband and children sat down to watch this program on Sunday. As usual there was a lot of chatter, distraction, in and out of attentions. But when his testimony of the perfumes came on everyone was still, even the 2 and 4 year old. This man's emotion was so genuine, we all nearly teared up.
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LIKE! I'm so dependent on the facebook like button that I'm compelled to tell Neatorama that I like this post. When are you going to get a like button!
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My dad took a similar photo after an ice storm here in Kansas. And Miss Cellania is absolutely correct, at least in our particular case. We had a very nasty and devastating ice storm that coated everything last blade of glass. When the sun melted the metal just a bit and then later the temperature dropped again it created a frozen ghost of the sign. Very cool!
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My mother used to come home from lunch and make me this wonderful sandwich everyday. I never knew it was an egg salad sandwich with scrambled eggs chopped to bits. I tried to recreate this no-name food from ingredients in the fridge including cottage cheese and mustard. I ate my sandwich, but it was the most disgusting food I've ever made. My mom later explained her secret ingredient was NOT replacing eggs with cottage cheese in an egg salad.
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I was surprised not to see a mess of prints describing use of any program by a toddler. Because that's all I see when I turn my iPad off. :)
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Thanks! This was fun... it took me too long to look at all the wonderful watches though. A desicion, if I am picked may I have the Black Oberon!
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