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The value of anything is only what some idio\\\\ person is willing to pay for it. Like Antiques Roadshow; just because an expert says it's worth a fortune, doesn't mean that's what it will sell for.
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a. coward: If 77Hz bothers you, how can you stand looking at your monitor, or a TV? As far as the technology goes, I'm pretty skeptical.
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A bit overpriced, but I guess that's how Ralph Lauren made his six billion. And it's all good for the (Chinese) clothing industry.
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I used to fly an old Aeronca Champ, which had a gas tank above my knees (between the instrument panel and firewall), and which had a leak when I bought it, dripping gas on my feet. Previous owner had also installed an ashtray, which I thought indicated a certain amount of bravado (or stupidity).
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Years ago a relative worked for a big-box furniture store. Every month the bottom sales person would be let go. He said competition was so fierce that once he saw a salesman jump over a couch to be first to reach a customer.
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