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Very tricky issue. Main problem is these companies are too big and saddled with too much overhead and legacy costs to really change and innovate. Plus of course their executives all seem to be completely divorced from reality.
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"All that work only to see the disappointment that is Phantom Menace. I guess this movie can be called a tragedy."

Too true Clifford - I can just see how the movie ends:

The characters sit down to watch the stolen print "oh man finally" "this is going to be so cool!" etc.
cut to them watching the Phantom Menace end credits...
they're all staring in shocked amazement at the screen. Finally one of them speaks. "Dude, that movie f***n sucks!"
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You have to wonder who would actually put 20 nutmeg nuts in a cake. Must be the same people who help disgraced politicians smuggle money out of Nigeria.
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Walmart has a culture built on constant expansion, but they're now reaching their limit. That's got to be a big shock.
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Those 3.5" floppy disks with the hard protective case and sliding metal window was a great innovation. I've always thought that the original CDs should have been designed the same way. However I guess the original design team for the CD figured that they would only be used by audio buffs who were used to vinyl records and would know how to avoid scratchs.
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It took my glasses off and was able to see it fairly clearly. So if you can't see it, you should try squinting and blurring your vision a little.
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Lovecraft wasn’t that off was he?

Those big starfish could be the devolved descendents of Old Ones. You never know...

i personally think it’s a tragedy if those starfish are killed.

It doesn't say in the article if they killed those starfish. I hope not either, as it would have taken them decades to reach that size (there are also deep-dwelling fish such as Orange Roughy which live for decades but are still caught for food - a real shame).
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How cute! But primitive relative of giant pterosaurs? That may be an oversimplification. Pterosaurs once filled a wide variety of niches, and came in all shapes and sizes. But they couldn't compete with birds, and were eventually forced into the only niche where they still had an advantage, that of giant gliders.
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Good idea - the two cups must be very well insulated, but it seems they've managed to work that out while still keeping the cost down. But now I can throw in the obligatory Fat American joke about how this wouldn't work in America since upscaling it for American portion sizes would mean it would be too big to hold in one hand.
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Three separate, yet intertwined, staircases, each on top of the other? I know this is in theory a fairly simple arrangement, yet my mind can't quite picture it. The engineers of the day must have had their work cut out for them designing this without computers.

I like the titles of the soldier's female companions in the original sign. Officers have "ladies", NCOs have "wives", enlisted men have "women". This says a lot about the social stratification of the time.
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I going to be a military nerd and point out that the tracked military vehicle pictured isn't a tank but a Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
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That lucky cat has got quite a nice little kitty house - I can see why she doesn't want to go inside.

Actually, if we could translate those meows into English I'm sure they'd go something like this:

"Look, I can't understand a word you're saying. Are you going to feed me now?"
"Food! Do you have some food?"
"Stop teasing, where's the food."
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