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Actually, the article covers that, pointing out that because the suit has not yet been classified as armor or a plane or anything else, it would probably be subject to ordinary DUI laws.
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As long as you're all bitching about the accuracy, maybe I should remind you that dinosaurs also weren't around during the 1980's.
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For a second John, I thought you were serious and the sanctuary was a mean hoax on the world of sloth-lovers across the world. Thank God that's not the case.
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Inbreeding is messed up, but if you get a dog with problems, you need to love them no matter what their issues, which is the whole point of this video. You don't know if these people rescued their dog or how they got it, so who are you to judge this video that is a simple expression of love for their pet?
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Hahaha, I can't believe this post got a real "won't someone please think of the children" comment.
I bet Yvonne believes that whole tampons soaked in vodka story as well.

Really though, I hate people like that, they're the ones who try to claim any time an alcohol company makes a fun flavor that they're advertising it to teens. No, adults never like tasty alcohol. We're all bitter drunks who love the taste of pure whiskey and vodka.
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As odd as it sounds, I was looking for peeing goats for an article on animal sex behaviors (the males pee to turn on the ladies). Still, this is NOT what I expected.
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Hey Choggie,
I very well may link to some of your photos now that you've sent the link, but if you want to see your pictures on blogs, you ought to change the license to Creative Commons. I know most of us don't even search through photos that aren't licensed for us to use.
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I know it's really obscure, but I was hoping it was based on this Comic Con cosplayer:
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It ads up quick when you have tons of people viewing the site regularly.
If you want to help, then you could always donate to the site to help them increase the number of bites they donate -but, of course, you won't be because you'd rather just complain.
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