How to Make Alcoholic Gummy Bears

No, it's not a matter of making gummy bears from scratch, it's much more simple than that -just pour alcohol over them and let it absorb until the gummies become nice and soft -like Jell-O. Yummy!


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I had some of these that someone soaked in vodka for days in a refrigerator. I found them to be pretty bad. Any sweetness from the gummi bears was overpowered by vodka taste. Better off making a mixed drink.
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I don't mean to be a spoilsport, but this is one of the most popular ways the youth are using (at least where I live) to get drunk without being immediately detected. By posting this, you aren't helping...those who DIDN'T already know, now do...Please delete this post.
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This guy.. Lol. Yeah kids are getting wasted of gummies. That's the problem. Nailed it. Not like water bottles look like water bottles when they are filled with vodka. But more tips. Put skittles on vodka and let it dissolve. Good shit.
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Yvonne, thanks for the chuckle. I don'd think kids are going to waste their time waiting for their gummies to absorb the vodka. Like Doug syas, that's what water bottles are for.
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Hahaha, I can't believe this post got a real "won't someone please think of the children" comment.
I bet Yvonne believes that whole tampons soaked in vodka story as well.

Really though, I hate people like that, they're the ones who try to claim any time an alcohol company makes a fun flavor that they're advertising it to teens. No, adults never like tasty alcohol. We're all bitter drunks who love the taste of pure whiskey and vodka.
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