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The Freemarket moto is:

If I win, I win.
I I lost, I split the bill with citizenship.

USA is knew as the free-market (FM) paradise.
I don´t like FM. If somebody likes it, it´s ok. But being proFM and became antiFM (and bail Wall Street is not Free market) when the things go bad is not fair.

The natural evolution is destroy FM and make a capitalist system but watched by a person elected by the citizenship (yeah, the government).

In USSR there was only government´s economic control. That´s not desirable, but the opposite is not desirable either and the crisis is the proof.
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Here, in Spain, we have a Kevincosner de Jesús. Yeah, he was named after Kevin Costner, but his parent´s didn´t know the right spelling of Kevin´s name. And it´s only the name There is not a surname in "Kevincosner de Jesús."

And in Venezuela there is a town where everybody name his children with strange names. In fact, the government made a law to stop this way of naming, cause the names are as strange as Genghis Kan, Nick Carter Backstreet boys, Makgiber, Yedoska (Y2K in Spanish) Adolfohitler (It´s only the name.) bla bla bla.
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It´s curious.

In Spain all the media said than Chavez banned the Simpson cause they are from EEUU, but were the judges who thought that Simpson are not for children. And, in fact, they aren´t.

Do you think that it´s good for a 7 years old boy to watch sons discussing about who want less to their father or see Marge Drunk or Homer drinking o bla bla bla?

When The Simpson started in my country, they were at 21:00, cause they were not for children.
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I see it faster than before, but I tried to comment from a friend´s house and it was not possible. It was about ten hours ago. I´ll ask her to try again. :)
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In Spanish it´s Fulano or Fulanito. (this last means little fulano)

Sometimes called Fulanito de tal. In fact, it´s included in dictionary.

"de" means "of"

"Tal" is something similar to Etcetera.

The funny thing is that fulano is the name, and fulana means "bich"
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