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I own several rental houses. Whenever I have a change of occupancy I need to have the property inspected to ensure that it is safe and up to code. This, so that I can obtain an occupancy permit and offer it for rent. When the permit is granted it always has a note that the property is limited to a maximum of x amount of people. For my 3 bedroom house the max is six. What if her municipality has similar limits?
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Don't ya get it Dave? This is not for the mother...she probably can't read, certainly she doesn't have time if she is taking part in any of her maternal obligations. This is a way to sound out to any other idiot who thinks that what she has done is a good idea. This is a forum to ridicule what is irresponsible behavior. Way back early in this run someone mentioned the population explosion. That's not just a gimmick. If you have read anything about Peak Oil, and you have any ability to extrapolate, we are in deep s*it. If you've read anything written by David Goodstein (Out of Gas) or Richard Heingberg (Power Down) you know that if we don't change our ways, and start taking responsibility for our actions, begin to demand individual accountability...suffice it to say, it's gonna get ugly. There are elderly and sick people who cannot care for themselves because of bad breaks. We have a responsibility to pitch and help them, so we cannot afford any more of these self inflicted welfare recipients.....I mean, if you're asking for my point of view.
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Unconscionable. I don't understand the Iraqi aspect. Is the mother a citizen? The doctor should support these kids with his new job at 7-11. Totally irresponsible, totally unsustainable, completely unfair for any child to be exposed to and subjected to this woman.

"Been around the world and found
That only stupid people are breeding
The cretins cloning and feeding......Harvey Danger
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