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mon chéri, mon beau chéri pour qui mon coeur désire ardemment. je ne demande rien de vous ; mais cela que vous mangez de mon fromage stinky et buvez profondément de mon vin bon marché.
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i love think geek.. i ordered these ( for me and my girl for valentines day. they are soo cool and work great!
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"I shared this with my wife and she wants to know why the second kid whose face you cant see is in long sleeves if its 104f?"

odds are its also very sunny out side, so its probably to help block the sun and prevent sun burn. it looks light and airy enough as not to be too hot.
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"many times it seems as though those homes are overbuilt just to show off their construction skills and do extra product placement."

Umm thats kind of the whole point of the show. the fact the some people get a nicer place to live is not the point. its simple a media for advertising with out people thinking "hey, why am i watching an infomercial?" you dont honestly think ABC gives a damn about helping people do you? its all how many products can we get paid to push with out people realizing they are watching an hour long advert and save tons of cash on having to actually pay people for scripts or actors for acting. construction crews are cheap and most of the materials are provided by manufactures its all money money money. and definitly not about giving a damn about the people.
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call me strange or just plain self absorbed, but up to this very moment I had actually forgotten that kolas existed. i dunno when exactly i had started to forget of their existence but i am now once again aware of them.. i dunno if i should be happy by my new found remembrance of their existence or sadden by my forgetfulness.. either way, welcome back to my conciseness kolas!!

PS: i think he'd like a beer... or atleast i think it would be cute if he was lounging in the bucket enjoying and ice cold one. hey photoshop people, wanna indulge me?
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haha. wow even the rabbits have to stop and ask them self "wtf is this guy thinking".

Taylor: really? jesus..

Ali S.: no good, wild rabbits can not be tamed, trust me i've tried. use to bread and hand rais rabbits for pets and once while working on a lawn care crew found an injured bunny. took it home nursed it and tried to tame it. never took. let it go back to the wild. it would come around house. but never let me get close. oh well.

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manik: I agree you have to prioritize on the fly. if you don't you sink. also i dunno about you but the day i got my black berry was first the happiest day of my life, on account it made me feel important, and every grown up i might add.. then later came the sinking realization, it was a leash not a company bonus.. :(

scotch: how is camping even remotely related to real life? work is real life. camping is playing in the woods, not real life. you'll understand when you get a REAL job i think..
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Thanks to this informative guide on increasing my productivity by avoiding e-mails that might other wise distract me with more work load, information regarding current projects or tasks that could either make my work faster or completely nullify my last 3 hours of work I had just accomplished or even give me that much needed laugh in the middle of another ho hum work day I bring you a fuller and more detailed response as way this is a stupid guide.

“• Number of times per day. How many times you check email per day is a function of the kind of work you do. If you can get away with checking email just once per day, that would be ideal -- you'd have very few email interruptions and your email habits would be most efficient. However, for many people, twice a day is probably more realistic. Others, who need to be able to get email more often because their job orders are sent through email (customer service, for example), might want to limit their email checking to once per hour (perhaps 10 minutes at the top of the hour). Still others might be able to get away with checking email less than once a day -- every other day, twice a week, or even once a week. If you can count yourself among these people, take advantage of this and limit yourself to the bare minimum.”

So basically the author is recommending that we check out e-mails only as often as we need to. Well personally I don’t NEED to check my e-mails. Ever. I mean I never really feel that if I don’t check said e-mail anything bad will truly happen to me. Of course that doesn’t referrer to unemployment. I don’t NEED work, I just don’t WANT to be homeless.. you see the author isn’t very precise about their intentions here. I don’t think they intend to give you the impression you don’t need to check e-mail, but rather they want you not to check e-mails to get you fired. My guess is whom ever wrote this is gunning for you job.

“• Not first thing in the morning. A common productivity tip is not to check email first thing in the morning, and it's good advice. By checking email in the morning, you're allowing email to dictate the rest of your day, instead of deciding for yourself what your Most Important Tasks will be for today. You're putting yourself in danger of getting stuck in your email and not getting out of it. Focus instead on getting your important projects done first thing in the morning instead of checking email.”

Yeah! Who the fuck does Mr. Manger think he is going around Dictating my daily work load to me. So screw you Mr. Manger I don’t think that stupid project that you want me to do is NOT very Important at all!! Infact I will be spending the next 3 hours surfing Neatorama drinking coffee and maybe catching up on my Sudoku. Yeah this is just plain bad advice. Really does this author have a job??

“• Turn off email notifications. Most email programs have a way to give you an alert (through a sound or a pop-up message or a blinking icon) that lets you know you've received a new email. If you use such an alert, I highly recommend that you turn it off. It interrupts whatever you're working on, and draws you back to email based on the schedule of anyone who chooses to email you, not at a time you determine. Instead, turn off alerts and only check email at predetermined times. You'll get a lot more done this way.”

*phone rings* Hello, oh hi bob. What? What meeting? No I didn’t know our project manager was holding an impromptu net meeting this morning. No I didn’t see the e-mail. Why not? Well no I don’t know if I got it or not. You see I only check my e-mails every 3 and a quarter hours. Why? Well because that’s when I schedule my self some time to check my e-mail. I don’t think its important that I check my e-mails just because it was convent time for you to send them to me. No I didn’t even see you sent it to me, I turned off my notification… yeah again you get the point. YOUR FIRED!

“• How to stick to this habit. It's easy to say that you should only check email twice a day, but much harder to stick with it when constantly checking email is an ingrained habit. How do you stick to the habit of checking email less? You make it a priority for a week or two. Put up a sign with the rule: "No email except for 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.!" (or whatever schedule you choose). Every time you find yourself habitually switching to email, stop yourself. Breathe. And focus on your work instead. Your reward: you'll get a lot more done.”

Summary: If your unemployed is a lot easier to no be bothered by annoying e-mails. How ever in the off chance of becoming employed again, just repeat the above steps and you will then find your self not having to be bothered by e-mail again.

“Reduce Your Incoming Stream
One of the most important parts of any email strategy is to stop any unnecessary email from getting into your inbox in the first place. Although I get hundreds of emails a day, most of those emails never make it to the inbox. They go straight to the spam folder or the trash. You only want the essential emails in your inbox, or you’ll be overwhelmed.
Here are some essential ways to reduce your incoming stream of emails:
1. Junk. I recommend using Gmail, as it has the best spam filter possible. I get zero spam in my inbox. That’s a huge improvement over my previous accounts at Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail, where I’d have to tediously mark dozens of emails as spam.
2. Notifications. I often get notifications from the many online services I use, from Amazon to WordPress to PayPal and many more. As soon as I notice those types of notifications filling up my inbox, I create a filter (or “rule” if you use or Outlook) that will automatically put these into a folder and mark them as read, or trash them, as appropriate. So for my PayPal notifications, I can always go and check on them in my “payments” folder if I like, but they never clutter my inbox.
3. Batch work. I get certain emails throughout the day that require quick action (like 10-15 seconds each). As I know these emails pretty well, I created filters that send them into a “batch” folder to be processed once a day. Takes a couple minutes to process the whole folder, and I don’t have to see them in my inbox.
4. Joke emails. If you have friends and family who send you chain emails and joke emails and the like, email them and let them know that you are trying to lessen the huge amount of email you have to deal with, and while you appreciate them thinking of you, you’d rather not receive those kinds of messages. Some people will be hurt. They’ll get over it. Others will continue to send the emails. Create a filter for them that sends them straight in the trash.
5. Set expectations and publish policies. A great strategy for reducing emails is to pre-empt them by letting people know not to send you certain types of emails, and tell them where to go for commonly requested information. You can post policies and Frequently Asked Questions on your blog or website, email them to other people, publish them on the web, or send out a memo to co-workers.”
Also read: How to avoid ever actually having to read e-mails.
“1. Temporary folder. If you have a very full inbox (hundreds or thousands of messages), you should create a temporary folder (“to be filed”) and get to them later, processing them perhaps 30 minutes at a time until they've all been taken care of. Start with an empty inbox, and use the following techniques to keep it empty, in as little time as possible.”
Its called your in box *palm meet face*

“2. Have an external to-do system. Many times the reason an email is lingering in our inbox is because there is an action required in order to process it. Instead of leaving it in your inbox, and using the inbox as a de facto to-do list, make a note of the task required by the email in your to-do system … a notebook, an online to-do program, a planner, whatever. Get the task out of your inbox. Then archive the email and be done with it.”

Procrastination; Why do it now when you can make note of it and do it later!! Also will get you fired.

“3. Process quickly. Work your way from top to bottom, one email at a time. Open each email and dispose of it immediately. Your choices: delete, archive (for later reference), reply quickly (and archive or delete the message), put on your to-do list (and archive or delete), do the task immediately (if it requires 2 minutes or less — then archive or delete), forward (and archive or delete). Notice that for each option, the email is ultimately archived or deleted. Get them out of the inbox. If you practice this enough, you can plow through a couple dozen messages very quickly.”


“4. Be liberal with the delete key. Too often we feel like we need to reply to every email. But we don’t. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that will happen if I delete this?” If the answer isn’t too bad, just delete it and move on. You can’t reply to everything. Just choose the most important ones, and reply to them. If you limit the emails you actually reply to or take action on, you get the most important stuff done in the least amount of time. The 80-20 rule at work.”

Ok. I am truly wondering again about this authors employment status. You can not just reply to the ones you want and kill the others. Man I wish it were that easy.

Would you like to go to lunch [reply]


No. again unemployed!

“Write Less
Another key to spending less time in email but to make the most of every email you send is to write short but powerful emails. So after all the screening and spam filters, you’ve chosen the few emails you’re actually going to respond to … now don’t blow it by writing a novel-length response to each one. I limit myself to five sentences for each reply (at the maximum — many replies are even shorter). That forces me to be concise, to choose only the essentials of what I want to say, and limits the time I spend replying to email. Keep them short, but powerful.
Your limit might be different -- perhaps a seven-sentence limit works better for you. Experiment with your limit for a few days to find your ideal length, and then do your best to stick to the limit. The key is in limitations: it forces you to only convey the key concepts while limiting the amount of time you spend writing emails.”
Wait… WTF?! Is that… *squinting and staring at the screen* yes, yes it is GOOD ADVICE!!! *balloons and confetti fall from the heavens* I just got good advice from an article I thought was trying to get me fired for the last 5 min!! thank god I didn’t just waste my time..

Ok well in closing, disregard that article you just read.. its silly and will get you fired.. ok well its been like 4 hours since I last checked my e-mails wonder if I missed anything important..
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this should be called how to decrease your productivity and end up unemployed. I can see my life now if i was to follow this guide.

boss: Hey how come you didn't reply to my e-mail this morning? we haven't been able to access "insert folder here" all day.

me: i'm sorry but neatorama says that if i want to increase productivity not to spend soo much time checking my e-mail

boss: neato what?

me: oh, neatorama, its a neat blog

boss: so instead of checking my e-mail you choose to check a blog? and this is suppose to increase productivity.

me: yup!

boss: your fired.
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"Just, please, when you're done with this story, just don't ask us if this was a slow news day.

If you've gotten this far then you've read this entire story, so we could simply reply with a comment like this: "Must have been a slow work day, huh?" "

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yet another reason binghamton sucks. you cant even order a cake there with out it completely going to shit.

ps: i grew up there hence i am allowe to make claim at the suckiness (if thats a word) of the place.. and trust me if you ever find your self driving along I-81 and heading due north through PA. DO not stop in bing, it sucks. bing sucks completely from the lack of jobs to the trash that call consider them self human that dwell there..
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