Tractor in Disguise

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Farmer Paul Coppin tried an unusual tactic to rid his farm of rabbits. He disguised his tractor so he could sneak up on them. Rather than tell you what he disguised it as, I'll let you see on the video. Link -via Arbroath

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"Yeah…real cute. Until I saw the gun, that is. I immediately turned it off."

I know, I felt the same way. What was he thinking using an air rifle; he should have used a shotgun.
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haha. wow even the rabbits have to stop and ask them self "wtf is this guy thinking".

Taylor: really? jesus..

Ali S.: no good, wild rabbits can not be tamed, trust me i've tried. use to bread and hand rais rabbits for pets and once while working on a lawn care crew found an injured bunny. took it home nursed it and tried to tame it. never took. let it go back to the wild. it would come around house. but never let me get close. oh well.

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Very silly. I'm sure it would've worked just the same if they had put up that piece of wood or cardboard or whatever it is without the illustration on it either... just something to hide the human.
Hope they at least eat the rabbits they kill.
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