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I think its fantastic this is being posted. There's actually.. discussion. Wow, what a novel concept!

In any case, these are terrible parents (if they are, in fact, the parents). I agree with marishka, I hope the vast amount of nicotine surges through the toddler's body will trigger a "kill or be killed" response and he murders his parents.
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Mother Jones trying to be fair? Hah. This article was fairly balanced, but it's "smart, fearless journalism" is ridiculously biased.

Love the comments on their page:
"we liberals really do think differently from the Cons, Neocons and the Theocons. If we do not stop them they will persecute and punish us, just as they are now killing Iraqis for their oil."

Jesus, and this is why anti psychotics were invented.
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Holy crap, that's incredible. My mother is Latvian and lived there when it was occupied by the Soviets. I kinda wanna go there (despite the fact its Lithuania..) to try and gain some perspective on what my mom grew up in.
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Way to project maturity. Try again in ten years, when you're old enough to fully form arguments, rather then resorting to calling people "retard".
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