In Soviet Russia, Time Travels You


Ever wonder what it would be like to be an oppressed citizen in the USSR in 1984? Here's your chance. For a mere 220 American Dollars you can visit the newest, hippest theme park in Lithuania and be swept back into the glory days of Soviet Russia. A past bunker of the Soviet Union has now been converted to a historical reenactment site.
"On entry, all belongings, including money, cameras and phones, are handed over and under the watchful eye of guards and alsatians, tourists change into threadbare Soviet coats and are herded through the bunker.

Experiences include watching TV programs from 1984, wearing gas masks, learning the Soviet anthem under duress, eating typical Soviet food (with genuine Soviet tableware) and even undergoing a concentration-camp-style interrogation and medical check."

If that's not convincing enough for you, perhaps it would help if you knew that all actors involved in the project were actually in the Soviet Army.

At least you get a shot of vodka at the end.


(Photo: Azill Photos)

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I wouldn't be so quick to pat the Lithuanians on the back. Many Lithuanian citizens aided the Nazis in rounding up and killing Jews.

Even today, anti-Semitism is an issue in the country, and anti-Nazi Jews are still being hounded and persecuted.

If I were Lithuanian, I wouldn't brag about it.
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I think this is really cool. I would love it if the U.S. had more things like this from our history. We have a few around, but not enough. Children can learn from stuff like this a whole lot better than from a book. Hands-on is definetely a better teacher. As far as free health care and education...I look at it this way. 1)Nothing in life is free. 2)You get what you pay for.
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The masters of the "worker's paradise" were perhaps the greatest, and most savage murderers in human history. An attempt to recreate a fairly accurate portrait of the first steps of a prisoner's life is hardly demonizing. At any rate, how can one unfairly demonize the devil himself?

The pugnacious cries for free things betrays an inherent ignorance of reality: nothing toiled for by others is ever free. That leaves little other than the air.
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